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We give you Marketing Capital™
to scale your app, game or product.
Powered by AI. 48-hour turnaround. No equity.

fund all your marketing across channels

You need more users, not more investors.

You run an app,  game or B2SMB product, and you’re growing. You have an existing user base and are generating revenue.

Our non-dilutive Marketing Capital™ will boost your growth, extend your runway and help you reach your next milestone (and with less headache). You pay us back on a flexible schedule that works for you – and only when you generate revenues.

The best part: you don’t give up equity in the process.

Look who's scaling with Twelve
Marketing Capital™

Twelve - your new growth marketing partner.

Bridge a temporary cash flow gap.

We provide Marketing Capital to bridge the time gap between your marketing spend and revenues. Take marketing off your budget, it’s on us now.


You only pay if they play.

Ditch the pitch.

Twelve’s proprietary technology pulls and analyzes your company’s raw data and instantly provides funding.

Get your funding proposal within 48-hours. No pitching, data rooms, budgets, models, or Q&A sessions required.

We see what banks don’t

We do not operate as a lender. We’re a growth partner that understands your marketing strategy. We recognize your potential from early stages and empower you to scale. Hassle free.

➡️ One flat fee
➡️ No interest
➡️ No credit scores
➡️ No personal guarantees
➡️ No restrictive covenants

How does it work?

Get funded in 3 steps / 48 hours.

Connect your business data
(revenue platforms, financials, etc.)
Review your funding 
Get your Marketing
Capital™ and start scaling

Secure. Integrated. Easy.

We take security seriously. Your information is encrypted, safe, and secure at all times.

You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers.

Twelve is for you if: 

  • You spend cash on marketing to grow and scale your business.
  • You understand that selling off part of your company (i.e. equity) doesn’t always make sense. Right now, you just need to bridge the timing gap between your marketing spend and the return on your spend(i.e., your CAC payback period).
  • Time is your most precious resource. You don’t want to spend 3-6 months to secure funding from traditional capital providers (banks, venture lenders, etc.). We offer a 48-hour turnaround.
  • You don’t want traditional debt (personal guarantees, fees & penalties, restrictive covenants, and all that jazz). Twelve Marketing Capital is tailored for your business. You only pay back when you generate revenue.

Simply, it’s cash to fund your marketing spend. Twelve’s Marketing Capital helps companies with positive ROAS scale smarter and faster. Unlike most growth drivers, digital marketing is measurable and has quick feedback loops. Companies use Twelve Marketing Capital to immediately supercharge their growth. We’re a capital solution without the time-consuming process of traditional funding methods. Twelve kicks in right when you need to spend. It’s a new way to power healthy growth while retaining ownership.

Twelve’s Marketing Capital is built for apps & games and products that grow through performance marketing. If you have a positive-ROI marketing strategy, at least 6 month history and monthly revenues of > $10k — Twelve can help you boost your growth.

  • All automated.
  • 48 hours turnaround.
  • No equity dilution.

It’s really up to you. You built your product. You plan the marketing strategy and execute it. Choose the amount you need. If you can generate a positive ROI we want to participate.`

We know how uncertain, distracting and time consuming fundraising is. We’re eager to solve this problem and we built our technology with that goal in mind. Once you share your data, we provide an offer within 48 hours.


We made it really easy so you can focus on running your business. Go through the following steps or reach out here and we can do it for you.

  • Create your Twelve account 
  • Tell us about your business & funding need
  • Connect your data
  • Within 48 hours you will get a Marketing Capital offer

Twelve’s Marketing Capital is designed to fit with your unit economics. That means that the repayment is scheduled to be back to back with the timing of your revenues. The cost of every Marketing Capital plan varies between $6,000 – $12,000 for every $100,000 provided.

The cost of every Marketing Capital plan varies between $6,000 – $12,000 for every $100,000 provided. It’s a flat fee and there are no hidden fees or small letters.

No. We specialize in growth marketing funding. Twelve’s Marketing Capital serves as the financial backbone for your marketing strategies. Our platform programmatically understands your unit economics and outputs an optimized solution to fund your marketing budget. We bridge the timing gap between your marketing spend and revenue growth while providing growth intelligence to boost your performance.

Twelve Marketing Capital plans will not dilute your equity in your business. It will also take a fraction of the time and the headache to get funded.

We built Twelve with the viewpoint that businesses that have positive ROI on their marketing, shouldn’t sell equity to fund their marketing budgets. It’s suboptimal. VC money is best used for high-risk high-return investments such as seed investment in a new tech. Twelve’s Marketing Capital is best used in funding an established marketing strategy. It can be complementary to a VC investment or work well as a standalone funding.


Are you with Twelve or without Twelve?

Without Twelve

With Twelve

Ready, set, grow!

If your ROI on marketing is positive, Twelve can supercharge your growth.

About Twelve

We’re on a mission to fix the way B2C & B2SMB companies fund their marketing. Our team has created an automated marketing funding platform. A hassle-free, non-dilutive alternative to equity and debt raising.

Is Marketing Capital™ exactly what you need?

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